Webmaster A1 Watanabe ride.

Trick Size Comment
Xfoot steam roller gturns 126k 2003/05/25 riding. My favorite.
Steam roller gturns 106k First trick for combos
Criff to F 183k First trick 2.
F to Hitch to Tailwhip 113k Hard trick....for my feet.
Boomerang switch back 67k 2003/15/03 riding. Street taste.
Caboose 321k Not enough.
Lardyard 113k On Kayo-chan's bike with brake.
Hitchhiker Fpacker around world 187k 3 movies from "Piriod of Grouth" by Zig-so.
Jumping around world 146k
No handed Fpacker turbine 147k
Lardyard turbines 147k

this turbine move is my original.

SteamRoller turbine to Fpacker 127k 2002/12/31 riding
CriffHanger turbine 138k 2003/01/31 riding
CriffHanger turbine to lardyard 180k 2003/01/31 riding.